Tuesday, June 30, 2009

There is nothing gay about safety!

Well today was my last day of shooting. Waking up at 830am and wasn't scheduled to shoot until 500pm, well lets just say I had a lot to talk about, but no one to talk to.
500pm rolls around get into the "There is Nothing Gay About Safety" mobile and head out to Chef Menteur Highway where Nick had some abandoned fire station to shoot and Lisa and I had some photos to make in Versailles. This is where I opened my mouth and blurted random things and I think Becky was getting annoyed =P sorry Becky had no one to talk to almost all day..

Below are some images.

Becky driving down 10east in rain and traffic. Thanks for getting us there safe! =)

An image I made outside the Versailles Arms Complex.

Saigon Drive a street name that is dedicated to Saigon, VN. I had to shoot it and getting the vehicles that the Vietnamese population mostly drive, a car from Japan i.e. Honda, Nissan, Toyota.

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Becky said...

That picture rules.